Professional Facilitation and Coaching & Leadership Development Services

AuStrategies has extensive experience and skills in facilitating groups in seminars, workshops and meetings to achieve specific outcomes. This includes Strategic Planning, Future Search and Community Consultation facilitation.
AuStrategies has considerable experience and expertise in identifying, implementing and evaluating activities that enhance the human resources function.

Coaching and Leadership Development Services

AuStrategies works with managers and leaders through our coaching and leadership development services to identify competency or capability gaps and to plan ways to improve individuals, staff and organisational performance.

We use coaching programs, individual sessions and feedback tools or psychometric testing and assessment (often those that have been developed or can only be administered by psychologists) to highlight strengths and areas or opportunities for development.

Individual discussions often centre on where managers currently are, where they want to be and how they can get there and usually result in specific plans of actions for a leader.

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