Marketing Yourself into Executive Level (Senior Officer) Positions

Suitable for: APS 5–6 or AO6-8

Gain insights into the skills and qualities Public Service agencies are looking for in Executive Level (Senior Officer) employees. Discover how your personal abilities measure up against leadership capability frameworks, identify the challenges in marketing yourself for future career opportunities and learn new ways to confidently approach the job selection process

Program overview

  • increasing your knowledge of leadership capability frameworks
  • developing strategic perspectives on executive promotion
  • tips and strategies for marketing yourself successfully
  • the selection process and structure
  • structuring for strategic questions
  • performing in job selection interviews
  • creating a personal action plan for Executive Level (Senior Officer) promotion

Participant benefits

  • develop the ability to promote your achievements
  • enhance strategies that increase your visibility
  • maximise personal promotional opportunities
  • learn strategies to assist you to successfully market yourself into an Executive Level (Senior Officer) position

Further information

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Program details

Duration: 2 days

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