Jackson Vocational Interest Survey (JVIS)

Jackson Vocational Interest Survey (JVIS)

Purpose: To assess career interests

Administration: 45 minutes — Individual and group

Scoring: Paper-based and Online
Features: Comprehensive, accurate, and sex-fair assessment of career interests


The JVIS consists of 289 pairs of statements describing job related activities. Scoring yields a sex-fair profile along 34 basic interest scales. These scales encompass work role dimensions relevant to a variety of occupations and work style scales indicative of work environment preferences.

The JVIS employs a forced-choice format, asking the respondent to indicate a preference between two equally popular interests. The JVIS test booklet was updated to reduce reading level, maximise cultural fairness and remove outdated terms. Revisions to the second edition of the JVIS Manual include new norms based on a sample of 3500 individuals, many tables updated to reflect new norms, additional reliability analyses, detailed description of the Basic and Extended Reports, and an updated section of research with the JVIS.

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